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The Firm

This office was formed only because of the instant belief and inspiration of Rajkumar Murarka, who guided his son Siddharth Murarka to take a leap into independent practice in the field of Law and then form a firm. Even today he is there to guide the office and all major discussion are taken after his expert opinion and advice.

His understanding of concept of justice and fairness is much more than even a lawyer and his practical approach and advice on daily basis has led to the establishment of this firm and its growth.

The firm got its initial business mostly because of his reputation as a trader, a good human being, an arbitrator.

He is having key role in major office polices and management decision.

Siddharth Murarka started working at an early age of 15 years with his father and was in textile trade for many years.

In January 2007, Siddharth Murarka joined M/s. S.K. Jain & Associates, a leading law firm and soon was working as a key person in that office. In June 2009, the independent office of Siddharth Murarka was established with the blessings of his senior and his father. In 2013, the practice took shape of a firm because of the encouragement of his father and the support of the clients.

The firm because of honesty and integrity is today one of the fastest growing law firm in its segment. Siddharth Murarka has created a space for himself in the field which is different from general lawyers. Be it challenging LBT, or challenging the conduct of metrology department and its officers, or be it court fees being levied on cheque bouncing cases, to what is wrong in magistrate Courts, Siddharth Murarka has always taken up the issue which a lawyer with his experience would not even think of. He has even filed applications like Arrest before judgments etc. The concept is very clear “WE ARE INFERIOR TO NONE”.About 

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