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Case against any Advocate, be it senior most Advocate

The firm also does not believe in commissions from or taking fees for the work not done. Money is a price for efforts put in only and non of the associates is interested in quick money, fast money or easy money.

No associate is allowed to take any charges/ out of pocket expenses unless agreed between the client and the proprietor.

No associate is allowed to take any charges/ out of pocket expenses unless agreed between the client and the proprietor.

We do not use any pirated software in our office and all the technologies including operating system, document software, accounting software, case management software, dictation software, document conversation software are all licensed.

In case any client or even third party feels that there is any fault in implementing the principles enumerated here in above or any wrong policy is being followed, we would be obliged if you send us the details for us to rectify the wrong/ error.

The chamber dose not believes in the concept of family adjournments on frivolous grounds and dose not entertains clients who want adjournments. The motto is to be prepared at the time of hearing with all documents/ files. Research papers, and judgments and present the best.

Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka is a relatively new firm with raw idea and concept and full of youth power coupled with experience.

Law Chamber of Siddharth Murarka does not guarantee results, but guarantee that the work to the best of their ability with latest technology. The firm gets the latest technology, spends on infrastructures and outs in efforts on research.

The team in the firm can not write clients destiny but can humbly put up there hard and sincere efforts.

The team believes in fair practice, respect for opponents and clean practice.

We believe in giving fair opportunity to opponents and giving on best efforts to the cases of the clients.

The firm believes that Lawyers are officers of court and are there to assist the client in presenting the best offence or defense. The Lawyers are duty bound to not only present the case but also ensure that the system of justice work perfectly and any lacunas in the systems must be pointed out to the bench and

Administration & Justice:

In case any client not satisfied with the services as good practice the chamber refunds any advance balance and returns complete papers even if the outstanding are not paid by the client.

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